Saturday, August 22, 2009

SONY HX1 - you got mail - or the Super Magic Mirror

My first post in this blog was about the mirror what would provide the HX1 with the same flexibility as Canon has with their variangle swivel screen. 4 days later I ordered the mirror from Hong Kong via ebay.

 Less than a week to reach Spain and a few days more to reach our little island next to the Sahara.

The envelope is well padded

and easy to open for customs to check what is in

the box arrived undamaged

with simple pictogram instructions on the back

the mirror was surrounded by a sturdy packing material

and this is the new best friend of my HX1 extended

looking good, so far

3M VHB sticky tape is used, so no cost cutting here

can you see me now?

mirror? what mirror - I am the screen protector!

OK - OK it says Super Magic Mirror on the back so what?

testing if the mirror interferes with the flip screen function
nope - works like a charm.

behold the first self portrait
there is an oldtimer from 1956 hidden in this foto

this setup would work so  much better on cameras without a viewfinder/flash hump

So we need to stick the mirror upside down on the display.
Luckily the 3M sticky tape sticks on a flexible plastic frame, what can easily flex and disengages from the display without problem.

So, now upside down and it works well, no constriction in movement.

Hah - take that hump

this is how the setup above looks.

Finally, you do not rely on external mirrors for creative photography
So, how does it work out?
As a sunscreen works perfect - display is better to see.
As a screen protector - feels sturdy enough.
As a variangle substitute - well we are pretty close here.

Would the 3" mirror would work with my 2.7" screen on the Ricoh R6 also?
Since the next smaller size is 2.5" I would loose too much with that one.

works like a charm too

again the angle of the mirror for the shot above

It stays a bit over the frame but not over the camera hight and and it really did not want to come off from the Ricoh metal case. So on a metal surface it sticks much more thorough than on a plastic screen.
Here are the exact dimensions:outside: 6,7 cm 2.63" wide, 5,2 cm 2.04" high
inside: 5,9 cm 2.32" wide, 4,4 cm 1.73" high
thickness: 6 mm

Hellooooo Candy Shower  21 Lam Hing Street Kowloon Hong Kong -  I like to order another one for US $11.46 please!

So if you have a Panasonic FZ28 / FZ28 the Kodak Z980, Nikon P90, Olympus SP-590, Pentax X70 or any other camera and you want more freedom in composing your pictures or want to be more creative, you should give this gadget a try.

hidden street shooting

Update 2009.09.12
Two days ago I got my second mirror from Hong Kong and it works well with my Ricoh R6

The unprotected screen

Flush with the camera

In this position the mirror doubles as a tripod 

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