Friday, July 31, 2009

First test shots

These are mid (around 10x) zoom ground level closeups of our favorite critters. All fotos here are loss less crops. Click on the picture for full size.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

enhance the HX1

One of the thing I always enjoyed was the creative shooting possibilities the swivel screen from my Canon S2 offered. So when I decided for the Sony I was looking for a way to get more shooting angles out of the screen. Here is the answer. For 20$ I not only have the same flexibility as a swivel screen, I also have a sun shade and that is important because we have more than 330 days a blue sky with very seldom a cloud in it.

20$ incl. shipping world wide
There is also flipback but I think for the HX1 the view player works better because you have the sun shade and the self portrait.

A nice person found it for just 60% of the price above.

Already ordered it from Hong Kong and will keep you posted how it works out when it arrives.
Also found a nice Hand Grip Strap

update 2010.1.23
Got this nice item and it works very well. My HX1 is much easier to carry in one hand and much more secure.

Here is something to cut down the wind noise