Friday, August 14, 2009

SONY HX1 - Street Shooting

Today I wanted to test if I carry the HX1 in an unthreatening way how street shooting would turn out.
Since I was near a beach and on the street were no people I went to the beach.
Here I have to warn the people form the puritan and religious countries. We here in southern Europe have no problem with breasts and nipples. For a European female it is normal to be topless on the beach or parks for sunbathing. For our very little ones it is normal not to wear anything.
And most people do not have a problem with that. If somebody glances at a topless woman or a naked kid, they are not perverts and peeping tom´s nor pedophiles. They take a glance and that´s it.
So if you are offended by a breast, please skip this post.
This is the way I carried the camera, you see the index finger tip is not on the trigger. The shutter button is sensitive enough to function this way also. The arm was hanging loose and was slightly swinging in the normal way you go if you carry something light but delicate. The only thing I did was swivel the hand in the direction I wanted to shoot. A couple fotos below are even shot with the camera pointing backwards after I passed the subject I wanted to capture.

The shots are all in an angle and in portrait orientation. Some have been straightened out and cropped some are just resized.
The fun part is, all were taken just walking by and maybe twisting the arm a bit to point the HX1 in the direction where I thought was something interesting. I saw at home so many things in the snapshots what I absolutely missed on the beach.Remember they are shot with out proper prefocusing and while in movement. So they are not at their best quality wise. Do not judge how blurry they are, judge how good they are shot under these circumstances.

 just girls walking by

Family portrait

... just enjoying herself

look for the peson behind the guy and where her hand is ...


ahem ....

Hello World!

damn, that key safety box does not taste like orange ice at all

look ma, I will be a surfer when I am big

Update 2009.08.25
3 low light and slightly blurred fotos

waiting for Godot . . .

street racer

note to self, in low light situations move ISO from 125 to auto . . .
but it is interesting how certain parts are sharp and others much more blurred.

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