Saturday, August 1, 2009

in camere editing

The HX1 has a lot of fun thing you can do to your foto.

original (crop and red eye removal you already know)

sharpen center

blurr around the center

monochrome around the center

fischydude from 1 a bit to 9 extreme (guess what I used)

now no little doggie or pussycat is safe from me and my fisheye

starburst around bright spots (also choose size)

radial blurr

nostalgic effect

and if you object of desire did not smile enough they can be neducated!
The Simpsons already did it in Treehouse of Horror V

original (before the chair)

smile step 2 (after 2 sessions in the chair)

smile step 5 (after 5 sessions in the chair, pretty close to Homer´s grin.)

one click - instant Joker

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